The Columbus Community Mikvah is open to all Jews who wish to use it, regardless of affiliation, membership or level of observance. It is volunteer run, but we still rely upon your financial assistance for operating costs such as utilities, cleaning, and maintenance. For your convenience we offer both annual memberships and per-use fees. There are also several naming dedications still available.

Please bring your payment TO YOUR VISIT and give it to the Shomeret at the time of your appointment if paying by cash or check.

If you will be making your payment through PayPal prior to your appointment, please click the appropriate button above to pay for your appointment.

The Columbus Mikvah is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Annual membership fees and gifts to the Mikvah Society are tax deductible. Please write checks to "Columbus Mikvah" and mail all payments to:

Columbus Mikvah
1223 College Ave
Columbus, OH 43209

Thank you for your financial support with this sacred work.