The Mikvah has put together a comprehensive directory filled with names and contact information of thousands of people, along with information used by the Jewish community at large.

This directory will essentially function like a phonebook where anyone could access business and personal information all in one location. The contents include supermarkets, government offices, maps and directions, hospital/emergency care, free websites, hotels, kosher establishments, and local businesses.

The J book is here! It is your one stop for all the information you could want and need about Jewish Columbus and the surrounding areas. The Columbus Jewish Directory includes phone numbers for individuals in the community, candle lighting times, Kosher information, and more. And all for just 10 dollars.

If a person's contact information is not listed and they would like to be in the JBook or there is information which is incorrect, please email the editors at ColumbusDirectory@gmail.com.
Available at:
  • Direct Email Order: ColumbusDirectory@gmail.com
  • Ahavas Sholom
  • Beth Jacob Congregation
  • Breslov Centre
  • Chani‚Äôs (Torah Center)
  • Columbus Torah Academy
  • Matt's Bakery (inside Kroger)
  • Torat Emet Main Street Synagogue

  • The directory is going to help connect you to the community. However, if you still prefer not to be included, please email your name and your request to columbusdirectory@gmail.com.


    This directory promises to be an invaluable resource and unlike regular phonebooks, this one is not printed every year, therefore, your ad will be seen over a nd over for years to come. It also is not as cumbersome, as it is designed to be referred to often and easy to carry around.

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    Payment Information

    Please make checks payable to Columbus Mikvah and mail to:

    B. Lane
    c/o JBook
    171 S. Remington Rd.
    Columbus, OH 43209