The Mikvah

Water, from its natural origin, is the primary source for all living things. While it sustains life, it also has the power to take one from an impure state to that of purity. We see this in every aspect of mikvah. In the conversion process, a non-Jew becomes injected with spirituality upon immersion in a mikvah and emerges a Jew. The mikvah is as well used by men, a bride and groom before their wedding, and for dishes when they become "owned" by a Jew.

The most important use of the mikvah is that of spiritually purifying a woman in order to resume intimacy with her husband in the highest order. Women have dedicated themselves to the observance of this mitzvah for thousands of years, whether through years of adversity, travelling long distances to get to a mikvah, or having the priveledge as we do to observe this mitzvah freely.

The mitzvah of mikvah allows a woman to (re)discover the beauty of the most private mitzvah in the Torah, a mitzvah which injects spirituality into intimacy.

Mikvah refreshes a woman's soul, offering the opportunity to rejuvenate one's marriage and the emotional and physical bonds of husband and wife.

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